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Welcome to Bloque Neon, where creativity met functionality in the digital realm. This project unveiled the vibrant graphic guidelines of the LMS platform, infusing Bloque Neon with a fresh, lively, and dynamic identity. Embracing the established guidelines of Universidad de los Andes, we embarked on a journey to redefine the virtual campus space, injecting it with renewed energy and cheerfulness. Join us as we illuminated the digital landscape with the electrifying essence of Bloque Neon.


The moodboard for Bloque Neon encapsulates the essence of dynamic and flexible academic work, intertwining with the revitalization of virtual activities. Inspired by the concept of agile technology and its connection to our campus, the moodboard reflects a vibrant space for meetings and exchanges. Filled with life, light, and dynamism, it serves as a visual representation of the energetic identity we aim to cultivate within the virtual realm of Bloque Neon.


The logo grid for Bloque Neon serves as a foundational tool in the creation of its visual identity. Utilizing geometric principles, the grid ensures harmonious proportions and balanced shapes within the logo design process. Each element is meticulously aligned to convey the dynamic and modern essence of Bloque Neon, reflecting its agile approach to academic engagement. Through precise geometry, the logo grid captures the vibrant spirit and innovative character of the virtual campus space.


The Bloque Neon seal embodied the essence of our campus spaces while projecting a visual and sensory universe aligned with our new identity. Inspired by the versatility of the name and the adaptability inherent in our approach to teaching and learning, the seal was crafted to convey a sense of dynamism and expansion.


Utilizing a flexible grid system, it allowed for diverse explorations of form while maintaining a clear, bold, and cheerful graphic solution. Through this seal, we encapsulated the spirit of innovation and vibrancy that defined Bloque Neon's educational landscape.


The visual identity of Bloque Neon is defined by six vibrant colors inspired by the hues of neon light. Carefully selected to embody the lively essence of the virtual campus, these colors offer a dynamic interplay between bright tones and the classic contrast of black and white.


Purple emerges as the predetermining and primary color of the palette, symbolizing innovation and creativity. With the flexibility to be used in gradients and transitions to other colors, these hues infuse the Bloque Neon identity with energy and excitement, while maintaining a sense of sophistication and coherence.


The visual hierarchy of typographies within Bloque Neon is meticulously crafted to ensure clarity and distinction in conveying the importance of each piece of information. Following a scale of 1:1.16, which aligns closely with the golden ratio, the size steps of the typography create visual harmony and balance.The variation in font size and thickness emphasizes the relative importance of different elements, guiding the viewer's attention effectively. Whether it's the bold headlines commanding attention or the lighter, smaller text providing supplementary details, every typographic choice contributes to a cohesive and visually pleasing composition, enhancing the overall user experience within the virtual campus space.


The use of photographs in Bloque Neón publications must be exclusively in black and white. Neon should be exclusively in black and white in conjunction with the duotone overlay of fragments of the modules that make up the label. The focus of the photographs should be on the spaces and people of the University. All this with the purpose of highlighting that it is the University community that gives meaning to the existence of this new space.

Home Page Banner of Brightspace

These dynamic visuals capture Bloque Neón's essence, inviting users into a vibrant digital campus experience.

Icons for the platform

Intuitive and cohesive, these icons streamline navigation, ensuring users can easily access platform features.

Login Page Image Application

Personalizing the login experience with black and white photographs fosters a sense of community and belonging within Bloque Neón.


Home Page Banner of Brightspace

Icons for the platform


The font selected for the name 'Bloque Neon' is Sora, carefully chosen for its versatility in visual weights, ranging from bold to light, medium, and normal. Beyond its ability to complement the symbol seamlessly, Sora exudes simplicity, grace, and remarkable legibility across various scales. Whether in small or large typefaces, it maintains its elegance and clarity, making it an ideal choice to represent the dynamic and modern identity of Bloque Neon. Its adaptability ensures consistency and coherence throughout the visual communication of the virtual campus space.

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