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This Visual Development portfolio contains 3 projects:

an original story called 1)Anacaona,

2)The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo,

and 3)Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. 



Anacaona is a young heiress whose motivation in life is to serve and to succeed others. She lives in a traditional loghouse, constructed of palm leaves and open at one end, standing in a clearing deep in the jungle.

After her father Amaru's sudden death, the tribe's Chaman, Granma Quila counsels Anacaona to embrace a journey to the deepest part of the jungle, a place where she will encounter magic and knowledge on how to rule her people.

Grandma_Quila 2_edited.jpg

She had to reach the oldest tree of the jungle, a Parica tree, which marks the magic borders of her native Taino people. Beyond that tree, the soil around the jungle is slightly moist with gloomy foliage. The lighting is dim, and the ambiance is dark which makes it hard to perceive enemies

As soon as she reached the tallest Parica tree, she raised her view up to the branches in the sky and proceeded to touch it. As soon as she did, a blue light started to emerge from it and the tree began to wake up. Parica, the tree opened her eyes and mouth and said "Long enough | have awaited the return of the child of Amaru. Now your time has come, and you must protect your people. | have been poisoned and my magic will not be able to protect you anymore. You have to recover my missing cristal"

 parica .jpg

After her talk with the Parica tree, Anacaona has to rediscover the Ancient ruins of her Taino ancestors in which she will have to interpret their ancient writing on the walls, in a journey that will give her strength and knowledge. In those ancient prophecies, Anacaona will try to control her newly gained magic just like her ancestors did centuries before. Her ancestors will tell her that in order for her to control her magic she will need to find a faithful companion. 

L1- OPTION 2 2.png


The rainforest contains several species that can pose a hazard. Among the largest predatory creatures are the magic lantern caiman called Croc, piranhas, and other magical forms of life. In the vast river, electric eels can produce an electric shock that can stun or kill, while piranhas are known to bite and injure humans. Anacaona has to learn to control the forest magic in order to stop Croc from killing any more creatures.

Croc 2_edited.jpg

To defend herself from all of the jungle magical creatures, Anacaona finds her prophecie's faithful companion, Jagui, that will help her control her newly gained magic powers in order to defend her Taino tribe from Croc and protect Parica's magic by returning her magic cristal. 


Anacaona has now gained knowledge and magic control through her journey in the jungle but she's still missing the magic eye cristal, located in a floating island. She has to recover the cristal and insert it back in the Parica Tree. The road might seem easy but Anacaona will have to use all her strength in order to fight back and recover the cristal.

L2 -OPTION 2.png




alchemist title.jpg

Santiago: Santiago, a shepherd boy from a small Andalusian town, is the protagonist of The Alchemist. He is determined, headstrong, and curious to learn all he can about the world. As a result, he resisted his parent’s desire that become a priest and chose instead to work as a shepherd so that he would have the opportunity to travel throughout the country. Despite his natural adventurousness, Santiago remains conservative and self-satisfied in many ways until he dreams of uncovering a treasure hidden near the pyramids in Egypt. 

santiago shepherd.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 58.jpg


Untitled_Artwork 59_edited.jpg


Fortune Teller: A gypsy woman whom Santiago meets at the beginning of the novel. She interprets his recurring dream about the Egyptian Pyramids as a sign that he should travel to that place and seek a great treasure. As payment, she makes Santiago promise her 1/10th of the total of his treasure.





Melchizedeck: Who claims to be the King of Salem, appears to Santiago as an old man living in the Spanish town of Tarifa, and although he appears only briefly in the book, he plays an important role as he introduces several of the key concepts that we see repeated throughout The Alchemist. For example, he tells Santiago about Personal Legends, the Soul of the World, and Beginner’s Luck.

He also gives Santiago two magical stones, Urim and Thummim, which represent “yes” and “no” respectively, to help guide him on his journey. Melchizedek is also the first character in The Alchemist to display magical powers. Those powers help him convince Santiago to pursue his dream of finding a treasure near the pyramids in Egypt.





The Englishman: is a well-educated and ambitious aspiring alchemist. He is adventurous enough to join a caravan in search of the alchemist but is rather anti-social. He prefers to read his large collection of books rather than interact with others or take interest in his surroundings.

desert camello.png


arab desert sketch.png


desert camello bw.png

The Crystal Merchant: Serves as an important friend to Santiago during Santiago’s time in Tangier, but he also functions as a cautionary case of someone who has become complacent and given up the pursuit of his Personal Legend. He maintains a crystal shop on the top of a hill in Tangier and was rather successful until the city fell out of favor as a port. Although he is a good man who is devoutly religious and kind enough to take Santiago in, he fears pursuing his dream to make a pilgrimage to Mecca because he thinks he will have nothing to live for once he’s achieved his dream. The crystal merchant takes no pride in his conservative approach to life, but he feels rooted in his ways.


arab corrected sketch.png


Cristal merchant value
Cristal Merchant

Fátima: The only female character in The Alchemist to get a modicum of attention, Fatima is defined by her beauty and her willingness to wait for Santiago while he pursues his Personal Legend. She lives at the Al-Fayoum oasis, where her primary duty in life consists of gathering water from the local well, and she says as a woman of the desert she realizes that men must leave the women they love for long periods. 

alchemist love.jpg




The Alchemist: Supposedly 200 years old, the alchemist is a mysterious character and an extremely powerful practitioner of alchemy who resides at the Al-Fayoum oasis. Many in Al-Fayoum do not know of his existence, and even the tribal chieftains must request an audience if they wish to see him. 










Angelica 3_edited.jpg

Angelica Schuyler (left): Portrayed as an intelligent and witty social butterfly, Angelica falls in love with Alexander Hamilton but is obliged by her family to marry a wealthier man. She introduces Hamilton to her sister, Eliza, at a ball, and holds out affection for him even after marrying a different man. It is suggested that Hamilton also loves Angelica, but this is not confirmed. 

Elizabeth "Eliza" Schuyler (right): Eliza is one of the three wealthy Schuyler sisters from New York. She falls in love with Alexander the moment she sees him, and they soon marry. Eliza, the “best of wives and best of women,” is described as being reserved, trusting, and kind.

George_Washington_ 3_edited.jpg

Aaron Burr (left): The main antagonist of the musical, Aaron Burr is described as one of Hamilton’s first friends in America. Though the two of them argue during the first act of the musical, they still consider each other friends, until Hamilton’s career continuously moved forward and Burr’s stagnates.

George Washington (center): George Washington is a general during the American Revolution and the first President of the United States. During the war, he is often frustrated with the colonial troops for being so weak and afraid. Instead of stepping forward to meet the enemy, they step backward to shoot from afar. Washington acts as a sort of mentor for Hamilton and comes to depend on Hamilton as his right-hand man. He dies sometime after his second term as president, predeceasing Hamilton.

King_George 5.jpg

King George the Third: The King of England, George is the monarch against whom the colonists are rebelling. George occasionally makes an appearance in the play to deliver a message, for example, threatening the colonists with death unless they remain loyal to the crown. His charming and upbeat manner contrasts with his often nefarious and chilling messages.

Thomas_Jefferson 3_edited.jpg





Thomas Jefferson (left) In 1789, Thomas Jefferson returns to America from France and immediately becomes the first Secretary of State. 

Jefferson runs for president when Washington steps down. He loses to John Adams, but runs again the following election and wins, due to Hamilton’s endorsement. In the musical, Jefferson is portrayed as a charming and flamboyant, but somewhat careless individual. He returns just after the war has ended, having played no part in the revolution, and brags about his foppish womanizing ways.

Hamilton_Dead 4.jpg


hamilton death 2.jpeg


hamilton death.jpg

When Hamilton endorses Thomas Jefferson for President instead of Burr, Burr becomes so enraged that he challenges Hamilton to a duel, during which he shoots and kills his adversary. Shortly afterward, Burr expresses regret at killing Hamilton. When Hamilton dies Eliza is by his side remembering how their son Philip, which she feels in spirit, died the exact same way. 

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