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Royal Road is a mineral exploration company with a focus on discovering tier-one gold and copper deposits in Colombia and Nicaragua. Royal Road is committed to a new model of exploration and mining for a new world, one which reduces environmental impact and benefits impact communities. They seek to push the boundaries of sustainability performance by identifying new approaches and trialing innovative initiatives to change the mining paradigm. 


72% of the population in the Municipality of Anzá depend solely on coffee production and this is the largest employment generator in the area. They have purchased a coffee roasting machine and in partnership with the Colombian National Learning Service (SENA), are providing technical support to enable 80+ families from Anzá to add value to their coffee bean production, improve their income and in turn give them access to other local, national and international markets. 

Royal Chuscalita Coffee is the result of those efforts.



Colombia, Güintar, Antioquia

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- Highlight mountain landscape

- Keep colors

- Focus on producers

- Show mining company


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  • The Jeep "Willys": This camper became one of the most representative of the coffee culture due to its ability to overcome all types of terrain, which allowed it to carry large loads of coffee and other agricultural products

  • Coffee Pickers: They are the ones in charge of hand-selecting coffee. Dressed with traditional Antioquian coffee pickers outfit.

  • Landscape: Highlight on the Güintar mountain coffee fields. The roasted coffee and the mining on the same terrain seek their own chromatic relationship between golds, red, greens and blues. This synchronicity typical of nature as a universe that gives the brand a unique character, always seeking that balance and meaning of images and figures for the pleasure of the senses of  coffee tradition. ​​​​​​​


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