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Anacaona is a young heiress whose motivation in life is to serve and to succeed others. She lives in a traditional longhouse, constructed of palm leaves and open at one end, standing in a clearing deep in the jungle.


After her father's sudden death, the tribe's Chaman, Granda Quila counsels Anacaona to embrace a journey to the deepest part of the jungle, a place where she will encounter magic and knowledge on how to rule her people.

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She had to reach the oldest tree of the jungle, a Parica tree, which marks the magic borders of her native Taino people. Beyond that tree, the soil around the jungle is slightly moist with gloomy foliage. The lighting is dim, and the ambiance is dark which makes it hard to perceive enemies

As soon as she reached the tallest Parica tree, she raised her view up to the branches in the sky and proceeded to touch it. As soon as she did, a blue light started to emerge from it and the tree began to wake up. Parica, the tree opened her eyes and mouth and said "Long enough | have awaited the return of the child of Amaru. Now your time has come, and you must protect your people. | have been poisoned and my magic will not be able to protect you anymore. 

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The rainforest contains several species that can pose a hazard. Among the largest predatory creatures are the magic lantern caiman, piranhas, and other magical forms of life. In the vast river, electric eels can produce an electric shock that can stun or kill, while piranhas are known to bite and injure humans.


To defend herself from all of the jungle magic creatures, Parica the tree gave Anacaona a faithful companion that will help her control her newly gained magic powers in order to defend her Taino tribe and protect Parica's magic. 

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